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A complete eye exam will be done before surgery to make sure your eyes are healthy. Other tests will be done to measure the curvature of the cornea, the size of the pupils in light and dark, the eyes' refractive error, and the thickness of the cornea. This will make sure that the corneal tissue is left after the surgery. You may have burning, irritating, or a feeling that something is in the eye. This feeling doesn't last for more than 6 hours in most cases. An eye shield or patch will be placed over the eye to protect the flap. It will also help prevent irritation or pressure on the eye until it has had enough time to heal.

eye surgery

It is very important not to scrub the eye after LASIK, so that the flap does not remove or move. For the first 6 hours, keep the eye closed as much as possible.The doctor may suggest mild pain medicine and a sedative. Vision is often blurry or hazy the day of surgery, but blurriness will progress by the next day. At the first doctor visit after the surgery, the eye shield will be detached and the doctor will examine your eye and test your vision. When Lasik was first done, a special automatic knife was used to cut the flap. Now a common and safer method is to use a different type of laser to create the corneal flap. The amount of tissue the laser will remove is intended ahead of time. Once the reshaping is done, the surgeon replaces and secures the flap. No stitches are needed. The cornea will naturally hold the flap in place. After surgery you may have difficulty seeing at night. You might notice glare, radiances around bright lights or double vision.



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